New rim joist installed

Repair of water damage to rim joists

Water damage to the rim joist of a house is a common problem that often happens when wood siding or vinyl siding isn’t installed correctly. Over the years the siding can fail because of rot or the caulking and seal has not being maintained; As a result water gets in contact with the rim joist.

Once the rim joist loses its structural integrity it can began causing problems in the rest of the house, including sinking floors, cracks in walls and doors not closing properly.

Fixing this type of issue is normally a little more involved then what you want to handle on your own. Time to rely on the the professional construction services of J&H Property Services to make sure a project like this is fixed correctly preventing future damage to your home.

If you have noticed issues like this in your home, give us a call and have an inspection performed on your house to see what may be causing the problem.

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